Seasons (An AI assisted short animation)

I have been experimenting with Artificial Intelligence tools, and created this using Stable Diffusion. I believe this is one of the very first animated films with consistent images that has been created using AI.



Rick and Morty is a Blade Runner (Fan-made Short Film)

Another Rick and Morty mash up, but this time with the Blade Runner universe.



Doofus Rick is Forrest Gump (Fan-made Short Film)

I have been a fan of Rick and Morty show for as long as I remember. This animation was a combination of an idea I have had before (about Forrest Gumps positive perspective on life), and my love for Rick and Morty.



Drowning (Short Film)

This is an experimental short animation, or a short nightmare about drowning. The story is about a man who finds himself stranded on a curious island. The production is animated and rotoscoped on After Effects, EbSynth, with a bit of help using Photoshop and Prisma.

Music is supplied by mobygratis . com



Aging (Short Film)

This one is an experimental video, not much of a short film. I always think about what, where, who I will be when I am old. Will I be satisfied? Happy? Content? Or will I be the same as I am now; riddled with many questions and puzzles of life. And that is what I was exploring here.



Mirror Mirror (Short Film)

The short film 'Mirror Mirror' is about vanity, and the destructive act of internalizing people's judgments' of ones self.

The judgments one receives from the society is not a true reflection of who they are. It creates a reflection of us like that of a broken mirror. If you use this broken mirror to shape yourself, then the only one ending up broken will be you.



A Beautiful Day (Short Animation)

The short film called 'A Beautiful Day' is about all those mornings when you just don't want to get out of the bed.



Bomb And TV (Unreal Engine Short Film)

While learning UE4, seeing how simple it is to put things together, I gave myself a 4 week challenge to make a simple idea into a short film. And this is the result.



Thank you for watching :)