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LIBRARY OF RANHA, PORTO, PORTUGAL (Master of Architecture semester one)

A steady transformation of Portugal into a service economy is not benefitting Porto which is home to many traditional industrial sectors. As a way of turning economy towards becoming production centric, a case study by European Metropolitan Institute (EMI) proposes to base the local economy more on knowledge, research and development; to modernise Portugal industries.

A library must respond to its context in different scales. In it's smaller context, as a place for the community, it creates a sense of identity and a place of gathering and activity. In the wider context in Porto, this library also funcitons as a workshop / exhibition space connecting the local industries with research and development (R&D) being carried out in the nearby universities. It helps modernize the traditional industries encouraging the shift of attention from the service economy toward the production economy of Porto.

The architecture is a response to the exisiting architectural character of Porto, and is also inspired by modern Portuguese architects such has Alvaro Siza.

Hero shot:


Wide context:


Presentation in Animation;


Diagram of the programs in the library;


Perspective: front facade


South Elevation


North Elevation

East Elevation


West Elevation


Floor Plans