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RE-THINKING THE URBAN SYSTEM (Under-graduate design project)


This project had an ethical approach with the goals of sustainabliity, reducing consumption and zero waste. I tried to achieve these through creating a community which would place community gains ahead of individual gains, and to provide education to the youth which would create awareness to our next generations.

The bigger urban area was divided into smaller communities where the occupants are interdependant and the real decision makers of their own futures. The smaller size were to assimilate the quality of a small town where everyone would know each other, re-creating the value of 'you must help your neighbour'.

Each community are responsible to education their youngs which also creates a connection between their parents. The sustainable elements such as gardens on the site work as educational tours for the children to create awareness and highlight the value of sustainability as well as keeping the values alive among the parents and the elders.



This video demonstrates the architectural design process;

The video was inspired from the presentation done by the architects at BIG:




Here are some other diagrams further explaining the design;